Top 100 President’s Message

By Thomas V. Girardi

Many thanks to those of you who commented on my previous message. Those thoughts exhibit the kind of listening and sharing that is so valuable in our legal community. After looking at our roster, one member wrote that he “realized that the best in the profession are in this fine organization.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Tom Girardi

In watching the Olympics these past two weeks, it became clear to me how much trial lawyers are like Olympic athletes. In every case, we are going for the “gold.” For each case, we study and train to perform our absolute best in the courtroom against our competition.

To be part of this organization, you all have earned at least one gold and are probably on track to earn many more over the course of your career. NTL is proud to be part of those successes as we offer education and networking opportunities for our fine members.

The annual Summit will be terrific. It is a reward for hard work during the previous year, and an opportunity to train for our future challenges. Like Olympians, trial lawyers have no off-season; we are always training for the gold. The 2016 Summit is committed to offering excellent speakers and vital information on the most significant legal issues of our day. As you are reading this, Summit staff is working diligently on a conference agenda that ensures that each minute will be spent constructively.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the opportunity to be with such talented lawyers, to share ideas and to share friendship.

This year will be particularly special because it is my first year as president. I am already looking forward to seeing our members at the Presidential Reception and listening to one of my favorite musicians, Don Felder, former lead guitarist of The Eagles. How fitting it is that one of the best musicians alive will be entertaining the finest lawyers in America.