Top 100 President’s Message

By Thomas V. Girardi

What a wonderful job we have.  Seeking justice is not just a “Lofty Abstract” concept, but it makes a difference.

It is everything this country needs and thrives on.

Tom GirardiComparisons of justice systems in other places show what a difference we make by persuading fairness to everyone including individuals, corporations and all other organizations in the country.

How about the job we have?  There’s nothing like it in any other profession or occupation.

Most professions deal with a single subject matter.  The architect designs the bridge, the contractors build the road, the orthopedic surgeon is concerned with fractures and the pediatricians deal medical problems of young people.

In our profession, one day we are learning how not to design the building, the effect of chemicals on humans, the adequacy of pharmacy warnings, evaluation of conduct of other professionals, etc.  Perhaps more importantly, our profession is filled with friendship and fellowship with others including those who are in our corner and those who are opposed to us.

Perhaps, there’s no finer organization than the National Trial Lawyers.  The programs are truly extraordinary.  Even members of our profession who have been involved for many years are given great insight as to “What’s new in the law.”  For those lawyers who have served  fewer years, the programs are a must.

Along with the great learning experience, comes the friendship of those who work so hard for fairness for their clients.

What a great job we have.  What a great organization this is.