Boosting Business Development by Using Casetext to Publish Blogs

BlogMarketing   |   April 25, 2015 is helping tens of thousands of attorneys generate new business — for free — by serving as a place to publish blog posts, which will be read by thousands of potential clients who are researching their legal problem. Research … Continue reading

Louisiana Appellate Court Affirms Drunken Hit and Run Verdict

BlogPersonal Injury   |   April 24, 2015

Louisiana’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal affirmed a $317,000 damage award against a Louisiana man who kicked his drunken friend out of his car. The friend was later struck and killed by an unknown driver–who was never found. Celebrating the … Continue reading

Tennessee Judge Rules Caps on Tort Damages Unconstitutional

Auto AccidentsBlogCivil Rights   |   April 23, 2015

A Tennessee judge ruled the state cap on non-economic injury damages is unconstitutional. The state law infringed on an individual’s right to a jury trial. Damage caps limit the amount of recovery for injured or deceased victims and their families. The … Continue reading

9 Qualities of Successful Female Attorneys

BlogTrial Practice   |   April 22, 2015

By Lyndsay Markley I’m frequently asked to speak about women in law and specifically the issue that only a small percentage of female attorneys are given management and shareholder status, despite the fact that about 50% of all working attorneys are … Continue reading