$1M Verdict Against Employer for Retaliation Against Whistleblower

BlogEmployment   |   December 19, 2014

A former Human Resources Director was awarded $1 million for her wrongful termination against the City of Edmonds and its Mayor for their retaliation against her for cooperation in an investigation “over potential misuse of public funds” for the Mayor’s … Continue reading

Court Permits Florida Lawyers to Advertise Past Results

BlogMarketing   |   December 17, 2014

A federal judge threw out state ethics rules that ban the use of past results in lawyer advertising in indoor and outdoor display, television and radio media. The court held that the rules were unconstitutional and in violation of the First … Continue reading

Why You Should Never Give a Negative Reference About a Former Colleague

BlogTrial Practice   |  

How should you respond when you receive a call about your former boss, colleague or employee who would make the supervisors in Bad Bosses seem like angels? One of my favorite stories on this subject was told to me by … Continue reading

Anti-Consumer Group Lists “Judicial Hellholes” Where Plaintiffs Succeed

BlogMedical malpracticePersonal InjuryProduct Liability   |   December 16, 2014

The American Tort Reform Association, an anti-consumer lobby backed by the medical industry and corporate interests, named its annual list of “Judicial Hellholes” where plaintiffs have succeeded in consumer class actions, appeals and product liability cases. ATRA is one of … Continue reading