Ninth Circuit Dismisses Business Owners’ Lawsuit Against Yelp!

BlogBusiness LawClass Actions   |   October 23, 2014

The Ninth Circuit dismissed a complaint filed by small business owners in California who claimed Yelp! Inc. extorted advertising payments from them by manipulating negative user reviews. In a class action lawsuit, the business owners claimed unsuccessfully that Yelp! Inc. … Continue reading

Woman Who Lost All Limbs Recovers $25M Despite Tort Reform Statute

BlogMedical malpractice   |   October 22, 2014

A Milwaukee County circuit judge has ruled that the state’s onerous tort reform statute does not apply in the case of a $25.3 million recovery for a woman who lost her arms and legs due to medical malpractice. Ascaris Mayo of … Continue reading

Expert Testimony that Contradicts the Plaintiff is Admissible

BlogProduct Liability   |   October 21, 2014

The Sixth US Circuit ruled that expert testimony is relevant to a case even if it doesn’t match the plaintiff’s testimony exactly. Central to the decision was whether the expert’s testimony “fit” the facts of testimony presented by the plaintiff under … Continue reading

Personal Injury Claims Against Website Not Barred by Communications Act

BlogPersonal Injury   |   October 20, 2014

The Ninth Circuit reversed and remanded Doe v. Internet Brands, Inc., confirming that internet service providers should not receive general immunity for failing to warn users about online predators — which caused a woman to be raped. In this case Doe, an … Continue reading