9th Circuit Grants New Trial for Pain Medication Pump Bone Fusion Injury

BlogConsumer ProtectionMedical malpracticeProduct Liability   |   February 27, 2015

The Ninth Circuit appeals court granted a new trial in a products liability lawsuit against I-Flow, manufacturers of the PainBuster device, which allegedly causes shoulder bones to fuse. The PainBuster pain pump is used to infuse painkillers continuously to the site … Continue reading

$3.25 Million Verdict Against Wells Fargo For Reneging on Foreclosure Agreement

BlogBusiness LawConsumer Protection   |   February 26, 2015

A Clinton County, Missouri, circuit court judge ordered a $3.25 million judgment against Wells Fargo and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) for foreclosing on a home after promising a reinstatement to the homeowner. David and Crystal Holm of … Continue reading

$3.45 Million Bad Faith Verdict Affirmed Against Indiana Insurance Co.

BlogBusiness Law   |   February 25, 2015

The Kentucky Court of Appeals affirmed a verdict against The Indiana Insurance Company for acting in bad faith during a drawn-out claims negotiation with the insured. James Demetre was a customer of Indiana Insurance since 2006. He insured multiple properties including his … Continue reading

Indiana Man Settles Crash Lawsuit for $12,890,000

Raising the Bar 2014   |   February 24, 2015

ELKHART, IN — A $12,890,000 settlement was reached on February 17 for an Elkhart, IN man who lost his wife, Pamela Beemer, in a three-vehicle crash at U.S. 20 and County Road 31 in Elkhart County on the night of … Continue reading