“Lost in the Fine Print” Documentary Shows Unfairness of Forced Arbitration Agreements

BlogConsumer Protection   |   October 24, 2014

The Alliance for Justice has just released, “Lost in the Fine Print,” which is a new documentary that “blows the lid off” the gross unfairness surrounding forced arbitration agreements. The documentary is narrated by public servant, economist, and professor, Robert … Continue reading

Ninth Circuit Dismisses Business Owners’ Lawsuit Against Yelp!

BlogBusiness LawClass Actions   |   October 23, 2014

The Ninth Circuit dismissed a complaint filed by small business owners in California who claimed Yelp! Inc. extorted advertising payments from them by manipulating negative user reviews. In a class action lawsuit, the business owners claimed unsuccessfully that Yelp! Inc. … Continue reading

Woman Who Lost All Limbs Recovers $25M Despite Tort Reform Statute

BlogMedical malpractice   |   October 22, 2014

A Milwaukee County circuit judge has ruled that the state’s onerous tort reform statute does not apply in the case of a $25.3 million recovery for a woman who lost her arms and legs due to medical malpractice. Ascaris Mayo of … Continue reading

Expert Testimony that Contradicts the Plaintiff is Admissible

BlogProduct Liability   |   October 21, 2014

The Sixth US Circuit ruled that expert testimony is relevant to a case even if it doesn’t match the plaintiff’s testimony exactly. Central to the decision was whether the expert’s testimony “fit” the facts of testimony presented by the plaintiff under … Continue reading