Personal Injury Claims Against Website Not Barred by Communications Act

BlogPersonal Injury   |   October 20, 2014

The Ninth Circuit reversed and remanded Doe v. Internet Brands, Inc., confirming that internet service providers should not receive general immunity for failing to warn users about online predators — which caused a woman to be raped. In this case Doe, an … Continue reading

Lottery Player Files Petition in Controversy over Texas Fun 5 Ticket

BlogConsumer Protection   |   October 17, 2014

A Texas consumer has filed an official petition with the Travis County District Court in the growing controversy over deceptinve language on the Texas Lottery Fun 5’s scratch-off ticket. “We’re just trying to get some basic answers,” said Richard LaGarde, … Continue reading

Get Ken Hardison’s NTL Webinar Slides: 3 Easy Ways To Get 30% More Clients

BlogMarketing   |  

Get Ken Hardison’s slides from the latest marketing webinar presented by The National Trial Lawyers: You will: Learn how to efficiently get more leads with the same amount of your marketing dollars. Learn three things you must do to convert more … Continue reading

Garbage Man Recovers $1.57M in Collision with Semi

Auto AccidentsBlog   |  

A garbage truck driver recovered $1.575 million after suffering severe injuries from colliding head-on into an unsecured truck trailer that blocked the highway. Richard Scott, 48, was the sole breadwinner for his family and an influential resident of the rural … Continue reading