$3.7 Million Verdict against Diabetic Driver Who Blacked Out and Caused Crash

Auto AccidentsBlogPersonal Injury   |   September 30, 2014

A jury in Amador County, near Sacramento, CA, returned a record personal injury verdict of $3,695,978.59 for injuries suffered in a 2009 automobile collision by single mother Tara Frisk when another driver blacked out and crashed into her car. Defendant … Continue reading

Speedboat Company to Pay $725,000 Verdict for Windshield that Flew Off at High Speed

BlogPersonal InjuryProduct Liability   |   September 29, 2014

A Jacksonville, FL, jury returned a $725,000 verdict in favor of plaintiff Jonathan Turner for injuries he suffered as the result of Donzi Marine’s negligence in mounting a boat windshield. Because of the boat maker’s failure to use adequate fasteners, … Continue reading

1,043 casualties in 160 Active Shooter Incidents

BlogCriminal Law / DUI   |   September 26, 2014

The FBI’s just-released “Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013” reports that active shooter incidents are becoming more frequent. The first seven years of the study show an average of 6.4 incidents annually, while the … Continue reading

$3M Settlement for Students Molested by Spanish Teacher

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Additional information from Stephen Estey, steve@estey-bomberger.com When did the incidents happen? 2009-2010 school year, involved 1 boy 5 girls – extend of abuse ranged from backrub to touching over the clothes. What is the name of the school? Is is a … Continue reading