HIV Disclosure Law Sparks Unique Legal Battle in Florida

Miami Herald; November 18, 2013 In Florida, and almost three dozen other states, it is a crime to have intercourse without disclosing a sexually transmitted disease. So prosecutors thought they had a solid case when they charged a Manatee County … Continue reading

Zimmerman Accused of Pointing Shotgun at Girlfriend

USA Today; November 19, 2013 George Zimmerman, acquitted in July in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend and pushing her out of her house as he packed … Continue reading

Networking Package for 2014 Trial Lawyers Summit

Would you like to attend the Trial Lawyers Summit in January, but don’t really need the CLE credits?  If so, The National Trial Lawyers has created a special social packet for attorneys who would prefer to do some networking with … Continue reading

NJ Man Pleads Not Guilty in Boy’s Death Case

MSN/AP; November 18, 2013 The father of a 4-year-old New Jersey boy who shot to death a 6-year-old neighbor with his father’s unsecured gun rejected a plea bargain Monday that would have required him to serve seven years in prison. … Continue reading

Lexapro Birth Defects Litigation Set for Trial in May; November 17, 2013 Cole County, MO: While not particularly active in the headlines of late, Lexapro birth defects is an issue that has nonetheless kept percolating in the shadows, and is poised to make a return to the public … Continue reading

More Brain Injury Lawsuits Filed against NFL; November 18, 2013 Chicago, IL: Two more brain injury lawsuits have been filed against the NFL, alleging players were not adequately warned about the risk of traumatic brain injury associated with football. The two lawsuits also name Riddell, maker … Continue reading

Chicago Probing Opioid Marketing, Considering Potential Legal Action

News Inferno; November 15, 2013 Lawyers for the city of Chicago are looking into marketing claims made by the makers of some narcotic painkillers in advance of a potential lawsuit against the drug makers. The probe concerns if the drug … Continue reading

JP Morgan’s Stock Unhindered by Legal Troubles

Forbes; November 18, 2013 The headlines BP endured in April, 2010 were ugly. The Deepwater Horizon explosion killed 11 workers and spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. From a public relations standpoint, the camera-feed of oil … Continue reading

US Justices Won’t Review Intelligence Court Action on Phone Records

Reuters; November 18, 2013 The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would not review a ruling by the secretive intelligence court that gave the government access to records kept by Verizon Communications Inc on millions of telephone calls. The … Continue reading

U.S. Supreme Court could Jump into Long-Running Legal Fight over Abortion Press; November 4, 2013 The Supreme Court on Monday declined for now to jump back into the long-running legal fight over abortion, but a flood of new state restrictions has increased the chances that the issue soon will be … Continue reading