Legal Tab Sinking Fight over Historic Presidential Yacht

USA Today; July 15, 2013 WILMINGTON, Del. — A legal battle – involving charges of lies, “devious” plots by “foreigners” and extortion – over ownership of a famous luxury yacht that played host to history and a dozen U.S. presidents … Continue reading

NTL President-Elect Mark Geragos and Top 100 Member Mark O’Mara on the Zimmerman Trial (video)

You can follow the CNN commentary of the Zimmerman trial from The NTL’s President-Elect Mark Geragos and Top 100 Member Mark O’Mara. CNN Anderson Cooper – with Mark Geragos  CNN Anderson Cooper- with Mark O’ Mara

Zimmerman Trial with the NTL’s Geragos & O’Mara

You can follow the CNN commentary of the Zimmerman trial from our President Elect Mark Geragos and Top 100 Member Mark O’Mara. CNN Anderson Cooper – with Mark Geragos CNN Anderson Cooper- with Mark O’ Mara Zimmerman’s lead attorney also getting … Continue reading

CF Industries Sued By Individual Victims In West Fertilizer Explosion Lawsuit

Houston attorney Mo Aziz files suit against CF Industries asserting that it is responsible for the damages caused by, and the lives lost in, the April explosion in West, Texas.  (Houston, TX) As families in West, Texas try to rebuild … Continue reading

President Obama’s Former White House Counsel Visits Don Siegelman, Working on His Appeal; July 9, 2013 MONTGOMERY, Alabama — President Barack Obama’s former White House counsel visited Don Siegelman in prison in the last few weeks, and the law firm he works for is taking over part of the former governor’s appeal … Continue reading

Increased Transparency on Drug Trials Sought

News Inferno; July 1, 2013 In the face of kickbacks and other debacles and given the relationships that have been formed between researchers and drug makers, transparency in medicine is being sought. Peter Doshi, a Johns Hopkins University postdoctoral fellow … Continue reading

Legal Merger Shows Rise in Criminal Defense Status

New York Times; June 30, 2013 There once was a time when most of New York’s top law firms shunned criminal defense work, turning up their noses at assignments they viewed as unprofitable and déclassé. Out of this void emerged … Continue reading

Paula Deen’s Legal Team Invokes Supreme Court Prop 8 Ruling in Her Defense

Variety; July 1, 2013 Paula Deen’s attorneys are turning to last week’s Supreme Court ruling in the Proposition 8 case to bolster her argument that one of her former managers doesn’t have standing to sue her and her brother for … Continue reading

How the Defense Humanizes George Zimmerman; June 27, 2013 By Darren Kavinoky What kinds of strategies might the defense team in the George Zimmerman trial be using to humanize their client? Any lawyer who represents people in jury trials knows there’s a lot to manage: … Continue reading

Study: Air Pollutants Found at Natural Gas Drilling Sites in West Virginia

News Inferno; July 1, 2013 A new study revealed that benzene and other pollutants were found in the air at seven natural gas drilling sites in three West Virginia counties. The study was conducted by West Virginia University Public School … Continue reading