11 Surprising Factors that Mean You’ll Get Hurt in a Car Crash

By Duncan Garnett. The number of traffic deaths and injuries are up by 7.2 percent, according to the US Department of Transportation. It’s more dangerous than ever to on the road. Are you likely to get hurt in an auto … Continue reading

Law Firms Wake Up To Napping Facilities as a Workplace Solution To Support Sleep

By Christopher Lindholst, CEO and Co-founder of MetroNaps The legal profession is among the most sleep-deprived in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey, which ranks lawyers second in the sleepless sweepstakes … Continue reading

73% of 2016 Law Graduates Found Full-Time Employment – Up from Previous Year

Young male attorney bookshelf

73 percent of the 2016 graduates of the 204 law schools approved by the ABA to offer the J.D. degree were employed in full-time long-term bar-passage-required or J.D. positions, according to the American Bar Association. Click below to see the … Continue reading

NTL member Brent Coon represents bikers suing cops for $1 billion


National Trial Lawyers member Brent Coon is representing four members of the Grim Guardians motorcycle club who were arrested at a Waco, Texas Twin Peaks restaurant in May 2015. The four plaintiffs say they went to the restaurant for a … Continue reading

Legal Implications of a Deregulated FDA

This article is reprinted from the Spring 2017 issue of The Trial Lawyer, which can be read online here. By Joseph DiNardo, Esq. and Erin Delaney, Esq. There is much uncertainty throughout the pharmaceutical industry as a new U.S. Food … Continue reading

A double dose of lawlessness

Court proceedings and Senate hearings held on the same day provided troubling insights into how the Trump administration regards the rule of law, according to one law professor. The court hearing on the administration’s travel ban and the Senate’s hearing … Continue reading

The 10 Trump nominees for federal judgeships

Donald J. Trump

Who are the 10 people nominated by President Trump to fill vacancies in federal courtrooms? Here’s a closer look and background information on the nominees in this story from the Washington Post and the Associated Press.

How to Get New Business From Your In-Person and Online Marketing

By Larry Bodine and Victoria Blute. Are you marketing more and getting less in return?  The solution is two-fold: Improve your in-person marketing to get quality contacts at social functions, easily connect with people at a networking event, and get … Continue reading

Jonathan W. McConnell Receives Top Attorney Ratings

Jonathan W. McConnell

  Since graduating from law school in 2010 and establishing his own firm in 2014, Jonathan W. McConnell and his firm have become well-known for their work vigorously defending clients in the Wichita, Kansas area. In April 2017, the Jonathan … Continue reading

Mass Torts: How To Add or Expand a Hernia Mesh Litigation Practice

By Larry Bodine and Victoria Blute. If you’re a plaintiff lawyer who’s starting or expanding a practice in mass torts, you may want to think about a hernia mesh practice. As many attorneys know, mass torts are product liability lawsuits against … Continue reading