Former bank robber is now a law professor at Georgetown

Shon Hopwood spent 11 years in federal prison for robbing small-town banks in Nebraska. But in one of the most fascinating stories of a reformed life, Hopwood is now a law professor at Georgetown, and working on achieving other goals … Continue reading

Maryland Jury Awards $17 Million to Pilots Killed in Midair Plane Crash

A jury in Maryland awarded a total of $17 million to the families of helicopter pilots killed in a midair collision in Frederick, MD, in 2014. Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, the contractor that runs the tower at Frederick Municipal … Continue reading

NY prosecutor married to defense attorney talks about justice

What would life be like if you were a New York City prosecutor and your wife was a defense attorney for juveniles? Jesse Weinstein doesn’t have to wonder. Weinstein says he often gets in debates with his wife about the … Continue reading

Colorado Woman, Paralyzed by Medical Malpractice, Recovers $14.9 Million

Bruce Braley of Leventhal & Puga PC in Denver, CO.

A Colorado jury awarded a 57-year old woman and her husband $14.9 million in a case whereas she was paralyzed by an epidural steroid injection that was clearly labeled as not for that use. The jury found The Surgery Center in … Continue reading

Who’s more liberal, lawyers or law professors?

law school liberal

A new study shows that although most lawyers are considered liberal, law school professors are even more liberal than their former students. The paper, featured in the Washington Post, found that only 15% of law professors are conservative, while 35% … Continue reading

Confidence of eyewitness affects accuracy of ID, according to study

The quality of memory and accuracy of an eyewitness can vary depending on the self-confidence of the witness, according to a new study reported by Science Daily. A pair of psychological scientists report that confidence of the witness can reliably … Continue reading

Study: Fewer Medical Malpractice Claims, But Increase in Awards

Adam Schaffer, MD, a hospitalist at BWH and lead author of the paper.

Using data from the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), a centralized database of paid malpractice claims that was created by Congress in 1986, physicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital analyzed the trends in paid medical malpractice claims for physicians in … Continue reading

Mental health care in the Bureau of Prisons

By Alan Ellis and Mark Allenbaugh U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policies are complex and difficult to understand—even defense lawyers find them taxing particularly so when it comes to medical and mental health issues. Clients and families are more often … Continue reading

NTL President-elect Mark Lanier joins lawsuit over mentally disabled football player

The National Trial Lawyers President-elect Mark Lanier has joined a civil lawsuit against an Idaho school district over the locker room attack of a black mentally-disabled football player. Lanier, winner of the 2016 Trial Lawyer of the Year award at … Continue reading

Archdiocese of Chicago To Pay $3.15 Million Settlement in Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Chicago plaintiff attorney Lyndsay A. Markley

Chicago plaintiff lawyer Lyndsay A. Markley marks another victory as she settled three more lawsuits against theArchdiocese of Chicago, involving the sexual abuse of minors by defrocked priest Daniel McCormack in the amount of $3.15 million. Markley settled a separate … Continue reading