Widower of Smoker Recovers $1.65M Verdict, Scores Major Victory Against Big Tobacco

big tobacco

A man who lost his wife 14 years ago to lung cancer as a result of her lifelong addiction to tobacco recovered a $1,650,000 verdict in a landmark victory against tobacco company R.J. Reynolds this week, ending an eight-year battle for justice. … Continue reading

3 Steps to Increase Conversions and Profits

If you’re trying to fill a bucket with holes in it, which works better? Pour more water in the bucket, or Plug the holes in the bucket The answer is obvious, yet most law firms do just the opposite. Your … Continue reading

‘The Trial Lawyer Marketing Method’

Why Legal Directories Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Successfully marketing law firms has become a unique method unto itself, and now one entrepreneur is recommending some of those techniques to other businesses. Entrepreneur Tony Verner says his strategy, which he calls The Trial Lawyer Marketing Method, “helps you … Continue reading

Mass Tort Lawsuit Filed over Eliquis for Causing Fatal Internal Bleeding

The estate administrators for a New York man filed a product liability suit against Briston-Myers Squibb Co. and Pfizer Inc., charging that their drug blood-thinning drug Eliquis caused the internal bleeding that killed him. Raymond Warme of East Hampton, NY, was prescribed Eliquis … Continue reading

Workplace Discrimination Law Reinforces the Very Harms It Aims to Redress

Rights on Trial book

A major new book by three American Bar Foundation (ABF) scholars illustrates how employment civil rights litigation entrenches patterns of discrimination in and out of the workplace. “Rights on Trial: How Workplace Discrimination Law Perpetuates Inequality” offers a comprehensive analysis of employment … Continue reading

Is it fair for a witness to ID the accused in a courtroom?

courtroom witness

It happens a lot in the movies, and a fair number of times for centuries in real-life courtrooms: a witness on the stand is asked if he or she can identify the person accused of committing a crime. You know … Continue reading

New Mexico Man Recovers $7.75M in Pressure Sore Malpractice Claim

Medical Scandal: Hospitals Fail to Report Bad Doctors

A New Mexico jury awarded $7.75 million to a 44-year-old man who developed severe pressure ulcers due to negligent treatment in intensive care. Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. served as co-counsel for the subsequent injury claim, Case No. D-202-cv-2012-04942 in Bernalillo … Continue reading

Why You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, you have to get the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. After all, being charged with a crime is a serious matter. Even if you are slapped with a relatively light offense … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit Trial Starts in California

The trial of the first of more than 300 ovarian cancer lawsuits involving Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products started on July 10 in Los Angeles Superior Court. The case was filed by 63-year-old Eva Echeverria, a California resident, who claims she … Continue reading

4 Civil Rights Groups Sue Trump Administration to Prevent Collection of Voter Information

Four civil rights organizations have filed suit against the Trump administration charging that it violated federal privacy laws and is operating illegally in secret. President Donald Trump established the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity by executive order on May 11. Kansas Secretary of … Continue reading