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Practice Areas

  • Appellate/ Civil & Criminal Appeals
  • Business Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • General Civil Litigation
  • Internet Crimes


J.D., Syracuse University College of Law, 1985
Editor, Syracuse Law Review

B.A., University of Vermont, 1981


State of Maryland, 2000

State of Connecticut, 1985

District of Columbia, 1989

Fourth Circuit, 1991


Andrew C. White is a partner at the firm with more than seventeen years of litigation in federal and state courts around the country.Mr. White is recognized as one of the best known and most able trial lawyers in Maryland. His principal areas of practice include all types of complex civil and criminal litigation, federal and state Grand Jury investigations, including regulatory matters, RICO, patent disputes, products liability; the defense of matters with the Federal Trade Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Highway Safety Administration, and Bivens actions against federal and state law enforcement officers in federal court. He has also represented individuals charged with a variety of other federal and state appellate, felony and misdemeanor related matters. Mr. White also serves as a guest instructor in trial practice as well as Sports Law at the University of Maryland Law School and University of Baltimore School of Law.

One area of Mr. White's practice continues to be representing individuals involved in high-profile federal and state white-collar criminal investigations and prosecutions. These cases include defense of public officials and corporate officers in federal court, as well as the defense of federal law enforcement agents in federal and state court. Other cases have involved representing interstate trucking companies in civil regulatory actions as well as Commodity Trading firms in actions against the CFTC.


Mr. White was also retained as private litigation counsel by Independent Counsel Robert W. Ray to assist in the grand jury investigation and potential prosecution of President William Clinton on perjury and obstruction of justice charges in 2000.   In this role, Mr. White helped the Independent Counsel reach an agreement with President Clinton in which the President admitted to lying under oath and agreed, among other things, to the suspension of his law license.   

Successful representation of an ex-NBA basketball player and his wife in a federal criminal fraud investigation and prosecution in U.S. District Court, Greenbelt, Maryland. All fraud charges dismissed.

Successfully represented a former bank executive who had stolen over $1.1 million from his employer.  Federal sentencing guidelines called for a sentence of over 6 years.  Mr. White convinced the federal judge to depart from the federal sentencing guidelines and sentence the client to less than one year imprisonment.

Represented an F.B.I. Special Agent in state criminal investigation into the shooting of an unarmed individual in the course of a bank robbery investigation. No criminal charges brought.

Retained by the United States Department of Justice to serve as lead counsel in related multi-defendant Bivens civil rights action brought by shooting victim in U.S. District Court, Baltimore, Maryland.

Represented the General Counsel of a publicly traded corporation in a federal investigation into fraud and obstruction. No criminal charges were brought.

Represented target of federal investigation into $750 million dollar currency trading fraud scheme against Allfirst Bank and Allied Irish Bank. No criminal charges were brought.

Successfully represented multiple clients in actions against the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in United States District Court in Washington, D.C.

Convinced a United States District Judge in the District of Maryland to give a sentence of probation and no jail to a client who faced a possible sentence of over seven years under the federal sentencing guidelines.
Successfully represented a target in a multi- district federal criminal and civil investigation involving telemarketing fraud brought by Federal Trade Commission and the United States Department of Justice. No criminal charges were brought.

Successfully represented a state campaign treasurer on theft and election law charges. The case was dismissed by the prosecution in the middle of trial.

Successfully represented a former corporate executive who had stolen over $1 million from his employer and filed false federal tax returns.  Client received a sentence of six months imprisonment although federal sentencing guidelines called for a sentence of over seven years in prison.  

Successfully represented a medical doctor in United States District Court in Maryland.  Client sentenced to one year imprisonment when federal sentencing guidelines called for sentence of over eight years.

Successfully represented client charged with federal drug offenses in United States District Court in Harrisburg, PA.  Mr. White convinced the federal judge not to apply severe Career Offender sentencing provisions and to sentence the client to minimal incarceration.

Successfully represented a client charged with federal drug offenses in United States District Court in Maryland.   Despite federal sentencing guidelines calling for a sentence in excess of 10 years, client was sentenced to probation.  

Mr. White is regularly asked to comment on high-profile national cases including the Beltway sniper prosecutions and the treatment of prisoners in Iraq. He regularly comments in articles appearing in the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post.

Prior to joining Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White, Mr. White served as an Assistant United States Attorney with the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Maryland for almost ten years. During his tenure as a federal prosecutor, Mr. White handled a wide variety of prosecutions including white-collar, narcotics, money laundering, violent crimes, and Internet crimes. As a prosecutor, he received numerous awards for his work:

He was the first federal prosecutor in the United States to use federal conspiracy, false statement and obstruction laws against trucking companies and executives for the falsification of truck driver's logs to mask violations of federal highway safety laws. He received an award from a national public interest group for this investigation and prosecution.

He was named “Prosecutor of the Year” by the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators in 2000.

He was the first prosecutor in the United States to use tough new minimum mandatory sentencing laws against producers of child pornography. (United States v. Catalin Buculei, 262 F.3d 322 (4th Cir. 2001).)

He received awards from the U.S. Secret Service and the Treasury Department for the investigation and prosecution of a large-scale conspiracy to steal millions of dollars in U.S. Treasury checks.

He headed up the investigation and prosecution of a multi-million dollar international bank fraud scheme that threatened the viability of a publicly traded corporation.

He headed up a multi-year investigation into the murder of a prominent Maryland business man, culmination in the murder conviction of two persons. This case was featured on the television show “Arrest & Trial.”


1985-1989 Lieutenant  Commander - United States  Navy JAG Corps


1988 Navy Commendation Medal

2000 International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, "Prosecutor of the Year" Award

1996 Parents Against Tired Truckers, "Life Saver" Award