Bartley Costello, Jr.

Law Office of Bartley A. Costello, Jr., P.C.
2037 16th St
Boulder, CO 80302-5402
(303) 442-7200

1967 to 1971
High School, Washington, D.C.

1971 to 1975
University of Colorado School of Business

1975 to 1978
Boulder District Attorney's Office, Director of Consumer Affairs Office

1979 to 1982
Law School, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon

1982 to 1983
Associate for Boulder, Colorado personal injury firm

1983 to 1985
Deputy Public Defender, Denver, Colorado

1985 to present
Founded my Personal Injury Law Firm, limited to personal injury cases for 30 years

1998 to 2002
Trial Lawyers College with Gerry Spence, student and later a staff member

But a brief resume can only say so much. Sometimes, one of the best ways to truly know who someone is inside is to discover their influences. I have been so fortunate to have exceptional and compassionate teachers. Below are some of the major influences in my life.
- Bart Costello


I was raised near Bethesda, Maryland and was perhaps most influenced by my father, a hardworking, successful, and widely loved corporate executive.

From my father I learned to be curious about how things are, and to ask why. My father modeled for me how to be a winner, how to learn from losing, how to take personal responsibility for my actions, and how to treat people fairly. Fortunately, he also showed me how to fix just about any-thing involving plumbing, wiring and tools.