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Christian C. Mester

Our Medical Malpractice Team - Christian C. Mester, Jean Jones, and Maria Dawson
Mr. Christian C. Mester is a partner in the firm. His practice consists exclusively of representing victims of catastrophic injuries in the area of medical malpractice on a national level. He is a graduate of Brown University (B.A. Political Science) and the University of Baltimore School of Law (J.D. cum laude), and is a member of the bars of both Maryland and the District of Columbia. Prior to joining our firm, Mr. Mester was a partner at Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC.

Mr. Mester has published and lectured on legal topics such as deposition preparation, trial preparation, stress management for new lawyers, and advanced personal injury practice and procedure. Mr. Mester has also had articles published in the peer-reviewed TRIAL Magazine, one in the May 2010 issue titled “Expert Preparation,” which focused on preparing medical negligence experts for deposition, and one in the July 2005, issue of TRIAL Magazine titled, "Head into trial at full steam", which focused on trial preparation tips and which included a corresponding check list. Mr. Mester has also lectured at both the University of Baltimore School of Law and University of Maryland School of Law, where he addressed such topics as tips on passing the bar exam, interviewing for and keeping your job, and the realities of a trial practice.

Mr. Mester is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association, the American Association of Justice formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association. He has also remained active in both his undergraduate and high school (DeMatha Catholic High in Hyattsville, Maryland) alumni chapters, including serving as Vice-President of his high school alumni association.

Christian Mester became a member of both the MILLION DOLLAR ADVOCATES FORUM™ and the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR ADVOCATES FORUM™ Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members.

His verdicts and settlements include the following:
  • $5.9 million verdict in the District of Columbia on behalf of a woman and her husband when the health care providers failed to treat a blood clot compressing her spinal cord following surgery until it was too late, resulting in a permanent neurogenic bowel and bladder. This verdict was upheld by the appellate court.
  • $5 million for a baby who suffered permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy when the health care providers mismanaged her labor and delivery.
  • $4.5 million for a baby who suffered permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy when the health care providers ignored numerous warning signs that the baby was in trouble and failed to order a cesarean section.
  • $4 Million Dollar Verdict for child with Brain Damage and Mental Retardation Caused by Negligence of Midwife. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the minor child in the District Court for Burleigh County, North Dakota. It was alleged that while at the hospital, the midwife was negligent in failing to deliver the minor child many hours prior to when he was eventually delivered. By that time, the lack of oxygen and/or lack of blood flow to the brain had already caused permanent brain damage.
  • $3.5 million for a family whose baby suffered mental retardation and cerebral palsy when the midwife and nurses mismanaged the labor and delivery.
  • $1.5 million for a child who was injured at birth.
    • $1.2 million for the family of a 61 year old man who died because the radiologist failed to identify a large tumor on x-ray, and his lung cancer was then not diagnosed for another 14 months when it was too late to save him.
  • $700,000 for the family of two-year old who died when the emergency room physician improperly interpreted as normal an x-ray that clearly showed she had pneumonia, and the hospital failed to contact the family to let them know the baby had pneumonia when it learned the following day that the x-ray had been improperly read.
  • $650,000 for the family of a mentally challenged woman who died when the physicians failed to diagnose a bowel obstruction.
  • $575,000 for the parents of a baby who died after the physician inserted an umbilical venous catheter too far, placing it inside the baby's heart, and then failed to check to see if it was properly placed, causing the baby to suffer cardiac arrest, lack of oxygen to her brain, and eventually led to her death.
  • $500,000 for a woman and her husband when the surgeon used improper techniques during the surgical procedure causing her to almost die and requiring numerous additional surgeries.
  • $475,000 for a little girl who suffered a brachial plexus injury at birth resulting in an Erb's Palsy.
  • $450,000 for the family of a man who died a week after undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery when the surgeon did not recognize and appropriately treat a sternal wound infection.
  • $350,000 for the mother of an adult son who died when the health care providers failed to treat his torn aorta for several hours and he bled to Death.

Selected Articles

Jay Donald Jerde, "N.D. Jury Awards $4 Million in Birth Malpractice"
Minnesota Lawyer, February 2012
Christian C. Mester, "Head into Trial at Full Steam"
TRIAL Magazine, July 2005