Hendrick Crowell, II

Crowell Law Offices
1510 J Street
Suite 230
Sacramento, CA 95814

University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law Graduate, 2001
(Awarded with Excellence in Oral Advocacy)
2013 Avvo Client's Choice Award Recipient
2013 Law Review CLE Featured Speaker
12 Years Experience in Personal Injury and Criminal Law
Our firm owner, Hendrick S. Crowell, II, has been in the courtroom just about every weekday for the past 12 years, since graduating from UOP, McGeorge School of Law, and passing the bar on his first attempt. Having successfully handled literally thousands of cases and trials in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo and surrounding counties, court is second-nature to him, and this gives him an edge in his chosen (and natural) areas of practice. It doesn't hurt being the son of two attorneys (who also specialize in personal injury and criminal law). For some people, it's just "in the blood," and being comfortable in one's line of work goes a long way, especially in this business. If it's not natural, things can go awry, and that's why Mr. Crowell pays special attention to his staff of attorneys and paralegals- it needs to be the right fit and mix of talent and dedication, and that has been a recipe for success, as Crowell Law Offices enjoys a place of prominence in the legal community. Our attorneys are regularly invited to speak on criminal defense and personal injury topics statewide, and our firm holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, Mr. Crowell was honored by Avvo with the Client's Choice Award for 2013.
Mr. Crowell believes that our system of justice (whether civil or criminal) is usually fair, but oftentimes is stacked against the little guy. An obvious example of this is a multi-million/billion dollar insurance company whose adjuster offers a person "nuisance value" for a personal injury settlement, knowing full well that the injured party is not a threat to them without counsel. In this situation, Mr. Crowell levels the playing field by ensuring the injured party's right to trial, and this generally leads to drastic increases in the dollar amounts of the case resolutions. Exceptional results are commonplace in our firm, and while most attorneys go their whole career without a recovery of one million dollars or more, Mr. Crowell has personally had several such results, most notably a 1.6 million dollar recovery for his motorcyclist client who was injured when a car pulled in front of him out of a parking spot.
Mr. Crowell also fights for the little guy in the area of criminal law, for the person who may be a first offender worthy of a second chance; or who may have made a mistake but will suffer inordinately if subjected to cookie-cutter justice. Sometimes mercy is in order, whether it is to prevent the loss of a job, home, or freedom. As a recent example, Mr. Crowell was able to obtain an order from a judge declaring his client not guilty, and the client (a county supervisor for over 15 years) was able to keep his job and license, and afford his kids' tuition, and go on with his life without being devastated by a conviction. There are many other examples of these excellent results on our updated dismissal list and result page, and all over the web. Whether it is criminal defense, or personal injury, Mr. Crowell and his staff have proven dedication to their clients' interests.
Mr. Crowell is a child of God, and his faith comes first. Whether it's his weekly schedule of volunteering, bible study, and Sunday service at his local church, faith is the most important part of his life, and daily prayer and reading of God's word is what makes him who he is (which is nothing without God). He was recently married this year and hopes to increase his family, Lord willing.
Mr. Crowell is admitted to practice in State Court and the local United States District Court (Federal Court), and is a member of many organizations, including the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Consumer Attorneys of California, American Bar Association, and the Sacramento County Bar Association.