Mark Solomon

Solomon Law, P.C.
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Mark Solomon is a criminal defense attorney.  He works in the Denver, Co., area in Colorado courts (District court, County court, and Municipal courts).

Admitted: State of Colorado, U.S. District Court of Colorado, and District of Columbia.

Currently accepting cases within a reasonable distance from the Denver Metro Area (most counties). Mark Solomon is on contract to handle conflict cases for the City of Aurora Public Defender.

Mark Solomon’s legal career has focused exclusively on criminal defense.  Mr. Solomon started in the criminal legal clinic student law office at Denver University Law School.  He was an intern with the Colorado State Public Defender in Douglas County, Co.  He worked as a public defender in Kentucky handling all sorts of misdemeanors and felony cases.

Former Assistant Public Defender

From October 2009 to November 2011, Mark Solomon was an assistant public defender working in Boyd County, Kentucky, district court (misdemeanors and preliminary hearings), and circuit court (felony cases).  He spent a great deal of time in the courtroom, in the jail meeting with clients, and in office meeting with clients and doing mounds and mounds of paperwork.

In 2010, Mark Solomon had the highest caseload of any public defender in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and my caseload did not significantly decrease in 2011.  He loved every minute of it, at least most every minute. He handled all sorts of misdemeanors: driving misdemeanors, DUI, low level drug possession and trafficking, assaults, thefts, receiving stolen property, animal abuse, and many others.  He handled felonies such as assaults, drug possession and trafficking, methamphetamine manufacturing, thefts, possession and distribution of child pornography, sex offender registration cases, fraud, bad checks, child support non-payment (flagrant nonsupport), and many others.

Recipient of the 2011 Professionalism and Excellence Award

Mr. Solomon was the recipient of the 2011 Kentucky Public Defender’s Professionalism and Excellence Award. Awarded by the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy, the President-Elect of the KBA selects the recipient from nominations, using the following criteria: prepared and knowledgeable, respectful and trustworthy, supportive and collaborative. The person celebrates individual talents and skills, and works to insure; high quality representation of clients, and takes responsibility for their sphere of influence and exhibits the essential characteristics of professional excellence.

Mr. Solomon was awarded the 2011 Professionalism and Excellence award by the Kentucky Public Defender

Recognition from the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office

Mr. Mark Solomon received recognition from the Commonwealth Attorney’s office for his dedication to his clients. “A worthy advocate for the poor. Always faithful to the defense of his clients and to the interests of justice.”

Mr. Solomon’s Education

Mark Solomon obtained his B.S.G.A from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. This undergraduate degree is in Governmental Administration. Many lawyers’ degrees are in political science, but governmental administration is different in that political science deals with theories of governing people, where governmental administration is creating systems where people can work to service the public.

Mr. Solomon received his J.D. from the University of Denver Sturm School of Law in 2009.