Michael Benz

Benz Law
100 S Broad St Ste 1910
Philadelphia, PA 19110-1014
(267) 777-7152

As a Trial Attorney Michael has tried hundreds of cases, and he focuses his practice primarily on criminal defense trials in Pennsylvania. As a former Philadelphia Assistant Defender Michael fought for clients who faced the most dire circumstances. Michael worked his way up the ladder from preliminary hearings, to handling major felony jury trials, and he learned what it takes to battle it out in the courtroom everyday. __"If I am defending your case, the Commonwealth knows they are in for a fight" Every client has a Constitutional Right to go to trial. The only person who can  give up that right is my client. I prepare for trial, period. I don't prepare for a "deal" because a trial is what the Constitution guarantees. If my client decides, after exploring all of their options fully, to pursue a non-trial resolution - I know that my trial preparation will get the best results.