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The Law Offices of Nicholas Loncar provide those charged with crimes in Los Angeles a passionate, aggressive, and tactical defense.  With a tremendous success rate in serious and high-profile cases, LA Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas Loncar is the smart choice to represent you in your criminal charges.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas Loncar is a fierce competitor and powerful negotiator. He uses his intensity, charisma and passion to achieve the best results for his clients. Nicholas represents people charged with crimes throughout Southern California, providing passionate, highly effective and affordable criminal and DUI defense services.

He has handled a broad range of matters from petty theft to DUI all the way up to homicide. If you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges or juvenile criminal (delinquency) charges in California, contact our office for a free consultation. Nicholas is a complete lawyer. Not only is he well-versed in California criminal law, but he carefully studies the immigration, professional licensing and other collateral consequences that might adversely affect his clients. Strongly dedicated to his clients' interests, LA criminal defense lawyer Nicholas Loncar has a strong track record of achieving great results in criminal cases.

Nicholas is a graduate of Villanova University School of Law in Pennsylvania. Prior to enrolling at Villanova Law, Nicholas attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA, where he was an active member of the school?s nationally ranked varsity debate team. During law school, Nicholas excelled in Trial Advocacy and Advanced Trial Advocacy, while also interning with numerous public defender agencies.

Prior to starting the Law Offices of Nicholas Loncar, Nicholas worked for the San Diego County Alternate Public Defender (a felony conflict unit), The Defender Association of Philadelphia, and the Federal Defender for the District of New Jersey. Nicholas has represented clients in Pennsylvania and California state courts as well as helping clients charged with crimes in Federal Court. Additionally, Nicholas worked with a private investigation firm assisting criminal defense attorneys with suppression motions.

In private practice, Nicholas worked with the prestigious private criminal defense firm, Drossner Law, where he learned how to give each case the full attention it deserves and how to help clients achieve the best results in any case. Nicholas is deeply committed to being a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer and will fight hard to help you achieve your goals.

Nicholas opened his Los Angeles office in 2012. He has been representing Californians accused of crimes at all stages of misdemeanor and felony cases. Nicholas is building a strong reputation in Southern California's distinguished legal community as a skilled, aggressive criminal and DUI defense attorney.

Nicholas founded the Law Offices of Nicholas Loncar and to protect all citizens from unreasonable intrusions by law enforcement. A quick look at Nicholas' background and resume start to demonstrate how committed he is to making sure that the accused get fair representation and enjoy the due process that this nation's founding fathers intended to preserve for eternity. This is where criminal defense attorneys fight for our rights every day. A lawyer represents his client, but a criminal defense lawyer is also a defender of important constitutional rights for all.

While the Supreme Court, prosecutors and police seem to have no problem disregarding the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, Nicholas recognizes that K-9 sniffs, DUI checkpoints and even traffic stops are all loopholes that the courts have carved into our Constitutional rights.

A former boxer (trained by Champions Smokin? Joe Frazier, Robert Hines and Johnny Carter), Nicholas is relentless, fearless, dedicated and aggressive. If you?re facing criminal charges, let him fight for you. Nicholas lives in Hollywood and has his main law office in Studio City.