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Robert Bolinske, Jr. was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and then moved to Bismarck, North Dakota at a young age. Mr. Bolinske received his 4 year Undergraduate Degree from the University of North Dakota in Social Science, with honors, in 1996. He then received his Law Degree with Distinction, from UND in 1999. Upon graduation Mr. Bolinske received a letter of recommendation from a law professor by the name of Michael Ahlen. This letter to renowned trial lawyer Gerry Spence created a vision for Mr. Bolinske about his future goals as a trial lawyer.

From that time forward, Mr. Bolinske has been representing clients in virtually every type of legal situation imaginable: criminal, civil, automobile accidents, products liability, divorce, juvenile, and general litigation.

Mr. Bolinske has tried numerous cases to a jury and has been successful a large percentage of the time. The National Criminal Conviction is well above 97% at jury trial. Mr. Bolinske has much better results at trial, percentage wise, than the national average. Mr. Bolinske has also tried numerous cases to a Judge including divorce and juvenile trials.

Letter of reference to attorney Gerry Spence from Law Professor Mike Ahlen on behalf of Mr. Bolinske

Recently Mr. Bolinske attended, and graduated from, the Western Trial Advocacy Institute in Laramie, Wyoming, which is thought by many to be the finest Criminal Law Advocacy Program in the country.

It's faculty include Gerry Spence (who is thought by many to be the finest trial lawyer in the world today), Albert Krieger (nationally renowned trial lawyer from Florida who's clients have include John Gotti and the Bonano family), Garvin Isaacs (a nationally renowned criminal defense attorney from Oklahoma City), and a numerous other nationally renowned trial lawyers and communication experts from around the United States.

Whether it is a criminal or personal injury case, you can rest assured the Bolinske Law Firm will vigorously represent your interests in an effort to obtain the very best results possible.

Mr. Bolinske has personally handled thousands of criminal charges, and numerous civil and injury cases.