Trey Malbrough

Malbrough Firm LLC
P.O. Box 531383
Birmingham, AL 35253

Clients of The Malbrough Firm LLC acquire a range of essential services. In addition to legal advice and representation, clients get real-world counseling on practical issues, personable interaction, a coordinated effort to solve their problems and an attorney who truly cares about their needs and tribulations. Clients are able to contact their attorney freely at any time and do not suffer with lack of communication. We believe in fairness, hard work, and a positive attitude. Most troubles in the world have a solution and we believe that positivity, skill and good effort can bring most difficulties to a resolution.

Trey J. Malbrough, the firm's founder, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and educated in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Birmingham. He achieved a variety of success through service on one of the best Trial Advocacy teams in the nation and remains successful in real-world trial practice and conflict resolution through negotiation. His background and experience has allowed a world perspective to play a role in thought, communication and strategy.

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