NTL Past President Mike Papantonio featured in new documentary

teflon frying pan

The Devil We Know, an award-winning documentary featuring National Trial Lawyers Past President Mike Papantonio, is now available to rent or purchase. When a handful of West Virginia residents discover DuPont has been pumping its poisonous Teflon chemical into the … Continue reading

NTL member Brent Goudarzi gets $101M, $27M verdicts

On July 19, 2018, an Upshur County, Texas jury returned a $101.1 million dollar verdict against Fort Worth-based FTS International Services, LLC and its employee, Bill Acker.  While operating an 18-wheeler in September 2013 in Ore City, Texas, Mr. Acker … Continue reading

NY limo wreck victim texted concerns just before crash

Accident with two cars

One of the 20 people killed in the New York limousine crash over the weekend texted that the vehicle “was in bad condition” just moments before she was killed. A friend of victim Erin McGowan told The New York Times … Continue reading

How a Michigan firm makes money suing municipalities

A law firm in Royal Oak, Michigan has made millions of dollars by suing cities and towns, and stands to make millions more in pending cases. How does it do it? By claiming that municipal governments are improperly charging residents … Continue reading

How Mark Lanier used cheese to help win a $4.7B talcum powder verdict

Mark Lanier

National Trial Lawyers President Mark Lanier isn’t afraid to use a few props to make a point to a jury. Forbes has a profile of Lanier titled “A Bale of Hay and a Block of Cheese: How Mark Lanier Won $4.7 … Continue reading

Empowering Your Ambassador of First Impressions

By Harlan Schillinger. Let’s start with, do you really know who your Ambassador of First Impressions really is? Most lawyers don’t give the person who makes the firm’s biggest impression the biggest salary or even much recognition. Why? Well, usually … Continue reading

NC bar accuses attorney of preying on vulnerable clients

The North Carolina Bar is accusing a Florida attorney of defrauding, deceiving and embezzling money from two mentally disabled clients declared innocent after serving 31 years in prison. The North Carolina Bar filed a complaint against Orlando lawyer Patrick Megaro. … Continue reading

Video: Livestream of Jason Van Dyke trial in Chicago

police shooting

Live video of the trial of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, who’s accused of the 2014 murder of Laquan McDonald is being made available by WGN-TV. Van Dyke says he was acting in self defense when he shot McDonald 16 … Continue reading

The race gap in juvenile justice

While the total number of young people being sentenced to jail has been declining for the past couple of decades, the gap between black and white youths being jailed has been climbing. Black juveniles are much more likely to be … Continue reading

Podcast: The controversy surrounding bail reform

As part of criminal justice reform, some states, notably California, are making changes to the cash bail system. California’s SB10 eliminates cash bail, replacing it by doing “risk assessments” of defendants. In this edition of Lawyer 2 Lawyer on the … Continue reading