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Allan Rombro has nearly thirty years experience as a criminal defense and DUI/DWI attorney in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, the Eastern Shore and other parts of Maryland. He is disciplined, experienced and very serious about his work. He understands that his clients’ futures are at stake, and works to build a strong and persuasive case.

Whether it involves a DUI/DWI charge,  a felony criminal case,  drug or weapons charges, domestic violence or any misdemeanor case,  the Law Offices of Allan Rombro will work to achieve your goals.

Through his legal career, Allan Rombro has represented countless clients charged in high profile cases. Mr. Rombro represented dozens of people charged in the famous Baltimore Block raid.

After months of undercover investigation, the Maryland State Police conducted a late night raid on Baltimore’s “Red Light District” of strip clubs and related businesses. Hundreds were arrested. Charges ranged from prostitution to drug distribution to weapons charges. Mr. Rombro represented dozens of these defendants.

Despite wiretap evidence and State Police testimony, each and every one of Mr Rombro’s clients was acquitted.

Mr Rombro was interviewed by many media outlets. As a result of his stunning success in this high profile case with multiple defendants, Mr. Rombro was featured in numerous media articles and served as consultant for national magazine article in the Atlantic Monthly and countless local radio outlets’ feature stories.

Mr Rombro represented “Skinny Suge”, the creator of the nationally controversial DVD, Stop Snitching, which allegedly advocated witness intimidation. While Mr. Rombro was representing “Suge”, the State was unable to charge him with a single offense.

This case became the subject of the book Snitch, in which Mr. Rombro was featured and for which he provided extensive background and legal analysis. This case was also featured in The Atlantic Monthly Magazine, for which Mr. Rombro provided analysis and insight.

Mr. Rombro was the expert legal commentator on Radio Station, WOLB, a legal question and answer call in show.

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

  • Maryland Bar, 1987
  • United States District Court, District of Maryland (Federal Court)
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association – Member