Brian Kinstler

Kinstler Law Office, LLC
735 North Water Street
Suite 729
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 271-1200

B rian Kin?stler is a Milwaukee-based crim?i?nal defense lawyer rep?re?sent?ing peo?ple charged with crimes in state and fed?eral courts. He won his first crim?i?nal trial while still in law school, and quickly earned a rep?u?ta?tion as a pas?sion?ate advo?cate and a for?mi?da?ble oppo?nent in the courtroom.

Brian has worked on many of Milwaukee's high?est pro?file cases. He has has won dra?matic vic?to?ries at trial, over?turned con?vic?tions at the state and fed?eral level, and obtained acquit?tals and dis?missals in a wide vari?ety of cases includ?ing homi?cides, arsons, sex?ual assaults, drug traf?fick?ing, and ille?gal firearm pos?ses?sion. He is also highly regarded for his work in white-collar cases, includ?ing some of the largest fraud cases in state his?tory. In addi?tion to his trial work, Brian has won appeals in the Wis?con?sin Supreme Court, the Wis?con?sin Court of Appeals, and the Sev?enth Cir?cuit Court of Appeals.

In 2010, Brian received the Wis?con?sin Asso?ci?a?tion of Crim?i?nal Defense Lawyers' Mar?tin Han?son Advo?cate Prize for his vic?tory in a closely watched homi?cide case. In 2010 and again in 2011, he was rec?og?nized as a Ris?ing Star in Wis?con?sin Super Lawyers Mag?a?zine. Brian is reg?u?larly invited to speak to lawyers and other pro?fes?sion?als on crim?i?nal defense issues, and his work in high-profile cases is well known in the legal com?mu?nity. He has been fea?tured in the Wis?con?sin Law Jour?nal, inter?viewed on CourtTV and CNN, and his cases have been cov?ered by the press through?out Wis?con?sin. He is also an occa?sional con?trib?u?tor to Inside Track, the online newslet?ter of the Wis?con?sin State Bar.