Catherine Zigtema

Zigtema Law Office LC
11660 W 75th Street
Shawnee, KS 66214
(913) 647-7567

Ms. Zigtema graduated from Georgetown University with her degrees in International Business and Finance. Following Georgetown, she returned home to Kansas where she obtained her law degree from the University of Kansas in 2007. Ms. Zigtema opened her own law firm in 2013 after her time in private practice in Wichita, KS.

Ms. Zigtema has successfully litigated cases before the Kansas Supreme Court and Kansas Court of Appeals. She has represented clients charged with criminal and juvenile offenses in Federal, State and Municipal courts at the trial level as well.

Ms. Zigtema's experience in both trial and appellate practice led her to develop a specialty in post conviction litigation including Habeas Corpus, Motions for New Trial, Motions to Withdraw Plea and investigation of claims of innocence. Ms. Zigtema has successfully litigated post conviction matter to obtain new plea agreements and new trials on behalf of clients already convicted and serving substantial prison sentences.