D.D. Archer

Law Office of D.D. Archer, P.A.
1635 East Highway 50
Suite 200-A
Clermont, FL 34711

One of the things that the FL Biker Law group does is practice as a Winter Garden Criminal Attorney. We have, for years, helped people when they run into trouble with the law.   Attorney Danny Archer is known for his aggressive, yet compassionate approach to defending his clients. Over the years he has developed a reputation for helping people even in the most dire of criminal offenses.
While keeping offices in Clermont, Florida, he travels all over the central part of the state defending his clients. The cases all vary and as a practicing lawyer he has handled many aspects of criminal law.
If you, or a loved one has need of his services please contact him and set up your free consultation today. The number is  352-241-6470. One of the things Attorney Archer is passionate about is in getting your issue handled as fast as possible. The state will move quickly and ignoring a criminal charge will make a bad situation worse. You are putting your family, your job, and future employment at risk by allowing charges to go unanswered.
Most will stay away from contacting a lawyer as they either feel like they have no money, or the situation is hopeless. As a Winter Garden Criminal Attorney, Fl Biker Law Group has had to help people overcome these prejudices so that a case can be mounted to defend you. Once you meet with the attorney, he will go over your charges and start to form a plan to minimize, or abate the charges. The consult and all issues will be communicated with you in real time so you will not be left out of the loop. You have access to Dan Archer about your case when you need him. His staff is well trained in criminal matters and are known for the work they do.
It has been said that knowledge is power. Well, the knowledge and wisdom you will gain by consulting with FL Biker Law Group about your criminal matter will help you have options.
Practice Areas:
Domestic Violence
Robbery and Theft
White Collar Crimes
Sex Crimes
Murder Charges
Shop Lifting