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Attorney Greg Spencer  was a felony prosecutor for almost 10 years with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office in Indianapolis and handled thousands of criminal cases, including serving as lead counsel on over 95 jury trials. Over 30 of those trials were multi-day murder and attempt murder cases.

Greg Spencer also defended clients against charges from minor traffic violations all the way up to murder. His experience on both sides of the fence in criminal law allows him to analyze and assess your case from the position of strength. He understands the logic and thinking of the deputy prosecutors that will be trying to convict you. As someone who spent his career in the courtroom, he is prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. From the day you are arrested and charged with a crime, he will begin preparing your defense.

My office will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your case and challenge the evidence that the government intends to use against you. You can take comfort in knowing that attorney Greg Spencer will negotiate confidently on your behalf with the government's lawyers. Attorney Greg Spencer will be by your side during all of your court appearances, aggressively arguing motions to the court and defending you. At each stage of your case, he will work to increase your leverage and maximize the chances for a favorable outcome. It is impossible for an attorney to promise or guarantee a particular outcome in a criminal case. Notwithstanding, Greg Spencer will give your case the complete attention it deserves.


Founder / Owner - Greg Spencer Law, LLC
Deputy Prosecutor - Marion County, IN
Private Practice / Criminal Defense - Missouri
Veteran - United States Air Force


University of Missouri-Columbia: School of Law
University of Missouri-St. Louis: Criminology and Criminal Justice


US District Court ND - Indiana
US District Court SD - Indiana
Missouri (inactive)