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In 1973, Jack M. Earley graduated from Loyola Law School and is now in private practice in Irvine, California.  He is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of California. Mr. Earley is a past president of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and now actively serves as a co-chair for the CACJ Death Penalty Committee.  Mr. Earley is often called upon as an expert or consultant for issues regarding competence of counsel. In addition, he is an associate professor at the University of California, Irvine and a frequent speaker for national seminars regarding various criminal issues. He currently is founding President of the Orange County Criminal Defense Bar Association.

As a trial lawyer, he has tried many complex cases in California:

Over 90 homicide cases to a jury
Over 300 jury trials
7 death penalty cases to jury
The first death penalty case in California
One of the first gavel to gavel cases shown on Court TV (People v. Betty Broderick)
Three not guilty by reason of insanity verdicts, including a Santa Barbara, California case where a student  ran over and killed four students (People v. David Attias)
Santa Barbara case in which a judge was charged with serious felonies arising out of domestic issues with another woman (People v. Diana Hall)
Federal Homicide case tried twice in Central District
Testified numerous times as an expert on attorney and client competency in Federal and State courts.


People v. Broderick: San Diego case tried twice; the second trial was one of Court TV's first cases.  Defendant was charged with killing her ex-husband a lawyer and doctor who had been past president of the San Diego Bar Association.
People v. Attias: Santa Barbara case.  Defendant, a student at the University of Santa Barbara, ran over and killed four students and seriously wounded another.  Defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity.
People v. Hall: Santa Barbara case.  Defendant was a Santa Barbara Judge charged with assault with a gun, terrorist threats, destroying a phone line, and driving under the influence.
People v. Bernard: Riverside case.  First Death Penalty case charged in California upon the reinstating of the Death Penalty in 1977 in which the defendant ambushed and killed a prison guard as well as eight other ambush, attacks and shootings.