Kelly Case

Kelly W. Case, Attorney at Law
333 Simonton St Ste 200
Conroe, TX 77301
(866) 822-7352

After suffering a loss at the age of 13 when an insurance company took advantage of his poor, uneducated father, Kelly made it his life's mission to help anyone having difficulty with a greedy insurance company. That's why he became a lawyer.

After graduating from Tulane University School of Law, Kelly practiced for many years as a trial attorney, prosecutor, and then DUI attorney in Houston, TX. DUI cases are often considered one of the most technically difficult cases to handle, due to the depth and breadth of knowledge required to win. However, Kelly is a recognized blood expert with a deep understanding of the science behind blood testing, which gave him a leg up in DUI cases and an excellent success rate.

When Kelly returned to private practice after four years on the bench as a judge, he redirected his practice toward educating his local community and expanded the types of cases he handled. With a dedicated team and extensive network of fellow lawyers across the country, Kelly is able to focus on the clients that he is best able to serve.

Outside of practicing law, Kelly spends his time with his family and enjoys fly fishing, carpentry, and cooking. He builds custom bamboo fly fishing rods by hand.

Former Judge of 9th Judicial District Court in Montgomery Country, TX
Over 1,000 jury trials in the last two decades
Governor-appointed to train other judges
Father of four children
Aikido Black Belt