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Partners Shannon L. Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy founded The Kennedy Law Firm in 2003. It was a successful practice, but never successful enough. They couldn't keep up with demand. Civil rights violations grew so rampant in Albuquerque that in November of 2012 The Department of Justice launched an investigation into "a pattern of excessive force, including deadly force" on the part of the Albuquerque PD. This was nearly two years prior to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and the widely-publicized shootings that followed.

Between a rise in police misconduct, the proliferation of cell phone videos, officer's recording devices, and social media to disseminate these images: The Kennedy Law Firm found themselves immersed in The Second Wave of the fight for civil rights in the United States. And it's not just the big visible cases, it's an ongoing erosion of civil rights resulting from a systematic oppression of vulnerable populations.

Shannon and Joe made a commitment that they wouldn't back down from this fight and joined forces with Laura Schauer Ives. When they first met Laura, then Legal Director of ACLU, New Mexico, they recognized a kindred spirit. Laura shared their passion and tenacity as a litigator, and their commitment to protecting the community where they live and raise families. A couple of conversations in a local bar, and Kennedy Kennedy & Ives was formed.

Kennedy Kennedy & Ives is responding to the demands of The Second Wave. We've expanded our legal team because we understand that being a victim and survivor of violence threatens to leave people and their communities broken forever. We refuse to accept this. When our clients are brave enough to step forward and tell their stories, we're here to work on their behalf and offer comprehensive support throughout the process.

Kennedy Kennedy & Ives is also dedicated to succession planning through education and empowerment. Our blog, The Second Wave, highlights civil rights issues and conversations from across the country. It's geared toward legal professionals, advocates, activists, law students, and people striving to be informed critical thinkers. We can't do this alone, we won't be here forever, get informed and join the fight.