Mark Falcon

Falcon Law Firm, P.C.
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Dallas, TX 75206

State of Texas, and has been delivering accomplished results for clients going on 14 years.  He relishes with delight in our fine adversarial legal process, genuinely enjoys the trial process and serves as a zealous opponent in the courtroom for clients of The Falcon Law Firm.  From Mr. Falcon?s legal beginnings in law school at Baylor University, he demonstrated early on a natural talent and ability at legal advocating, being distinguished as in the Top Ten Speakers during the Moot Court Competition and making the Order of Barristers.

Mr. Falcon zealously pursues his client?s cases at each and every step of the judicial process, taking and arguing the case to the highest Court in Texas, if legally necessary.

Mr. Falcon is a published attorney and has been published in the Texas Southwestern Case Reporter, in which he won on appeal and reversed a $95,000 judgment against his client.  Mr. Falcon?s firm will rigorously pursue your case at each stage of litigation, taking your case to the highest court if necessitated.  In fact, Mr. Falcon has been granted oral argument before the highest criminal court in Texas, The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin.

What is considered by many attorneys to be the crowning achievement when practicing criminal law, is to argue in Austin, Texas before the 9 Justices of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  Our highest criminal Court has strict discretion to pick and choose what cases the Court will decide to address, among the many cases, which are submitted to the Court each year requesting to be reviewed.  This is procured for a client, by the attorney filing a Petition for Discretionary Review with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  For the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to grant the Petition for Discretionary Review, is in and of itself a success.  However, to then be granted oral argument by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, ensuring that the lawyer is granted the privilege to stand face to face before the Nine (9) judges of our highest criminal Court, and advocate for the client is a triumph.

Mr. Falcon also enjoys teaching others legal technique and mentoring those who display an interest in servicing others by pursuing the law.

In 2012, Mr. Falcon personally advised and evaluated a law school team from Southern Methodist University, which competed in the 2011-2012 American Bar Association Eighth Annual National Trial Advocacy Competition.  The law school team, which Mr. Falcon critiqued and advised, first won at the regional level competing among many fine teams here in Dallas at the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse Building.  Upon winning the regional competition, the SMU team would go on to compete in a national competition with other regional winners from trial advocacy competitions held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington, Boston, Chicago and New York.  Ultimately, the SMU team won 1st place in the National Trial Advocacy Competition in Miami competing against eight other regions with formidable teams from Suffolk, Fordham, George Washington, Emory, Northwestern, Cal-Berkeley and Southwestern.

Many years ago, Mr. Falcon successfully represented a client on numerous cases, and the client personally observed him during vigorous trial proceedings on his cases.  The client told him that he was inspired to become a lawyer because of his observations of Mr. Falcon and graduated law school recently and passed his bar exam late last year.

To Mr. Falcon, these examples of giving back and seeing others succeed, is one of the most rewarding aspects of this profession for him.  Mr. Falcon is also a 32? Freemason and has been involved in Freemasonry for 10 years, while currently being a member of Pentagon Lodge #1080 here in Dallas at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and serving as Worshipful Master.