Mark Wykoff, Sr.

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As a 21-year veteran of the U.S. Army, I defended the Constitution with brawn. Now, as a Criminal Defense Attorney, I defend the Constitutional rights of the accused with equal passion.

Crimes of Violence
Illinois and Federal
   Attempted Murder

Drug Crimes
Illinois and Federal
Manufacture and Delivery.

Sex Crimes
Illinois and Federal
   Sexual Assault
   Sexual Abuse

Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief
Theft Crimes
   Illinois and Federal
   Residential Burglary
   Retail Theft
   White Collar and Tax Crimes

Gun Crimes
Illinois and Federal
   Felon in Possession
   Unlicensed Possession
   Assault Weapons
   Sales Violations

Motor Vehicle Code Violations
   Vehicular/Reckless Homicide
   Driving Under the Influence
   Driving while Suspended/Revoked