Paul Powell

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Belief and Purpose

Paul started The Powell Law Firm with one simple purpose ? to provide injury victims with a voice for what is right and fair. Paul is a strong believer in victim rights and putting clients first. His message is continuous: Lawyers should listen better, show more compassion, and create more trust with their clients. Lawyers should act more like everyday people, and less like everyday lawyers.

"Lawyers are often judged by results, but it is much more than just the results that matter," Paul said. "People matter most. I hope what I do changes lives. I meet clients that are hurt every day. It can be heartbreaking and humbling. Life can change in the blink of an eye. It makes me appreciate the opportunity to protect people and to help them through a time of crisis. I hope my clients will say I was always there when they needed me most. I think you can be a tough lawyer and fight for what is right. But you can also be a compassionate and empathetic lawyer. That is my goal every day." Why Choose Paul?
Over the past 15 years, Paul has leveled the playing field against the insurance companies and large corporations that caused his clients' injuries. In the last decade alone, Paul has settled cases and collected trial verdicts of nearly $175 Million. During this time, he settled more than 50 cases in excess of $1 Million.
Recognized in both Nevada and on a national level, Paul is considered a preeminent trial lawyer with a reputation for turning difficult cases into substantial jury verdicts. On numerous verdicts over $1 Million, Paul's clients were offered less than $50,000 before the trial started. His trial methods are straight forward. He effectively explains how an accident has hurt his client. And he helps jurors understand how defense strategies are designed to distort facts, and to shame and embarrass accident victims.            

Paul's Background

Paul was born in a small town in upstate Illinois. His family has owned the same Illinois farm since the Civil War. When Paul was still young, his dad joined the Navy and the family moved to California where Paul grew up. Paul eventually graduated with High Honors from Idaho State University (1992-1996). During college, Paul raised a family of his own, coached high school football, and was a writer for the local newspaper. He then attended law school at the University of Idaho where he was a published member of the Idaho Law Review (1997-2000).

After graduating from law school, Paul clerked for the Honorable Myron Leavitt, of the Supreme Court of Nevada. He then went on to work for the Las Vegas commercial litigation firm, Lionel Sawyer and Collins.

Paul is married with five children. His oldest son attends law school at Santa Clara University. Paul, and his wife, Kristen are actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, including serving as Partners in Hope with St. Jude Hospital. A portion of each settlement from The Powell Law Firm is donated to St. Jude to help children in their fight against cancer.                  

Awards & Acknowledgements

Paul has been recognized by numerous publications for his skill as a trial lawyer. Recently, he was listed among "The Top 100" by the National Trial Lawyers Association. He is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. And he is a member of several trial organizations and bar associations, both in Nevada, Illinois, and nationally.