Perry Weitz

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.
700 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Perry Weitz is a co-founding member of one of the nation’s largest mass tort and personal-injury litigation law firms, and is credited with helping build the entire field of asbestos practice within the plaintiffs’ bar.  He is directly responsible for verdicts worth more than a half-billion of the over $8 Billion Weitz & Luxenberg has obtained in and out of courtrooms over the last quarter century.  Owing to their importance or significance, quite a few of the cases Mr. Weitz tried are immortalized in law books, periodicals and other specialized publications – testimony to his understanding of what is possible under the law and along the outermost edges of its continually shifting contours.

Mr. Weitz’s prowess at trial is matched by his talent for convincing corporations prone to digging-in their heels to instead put a case to rest quickly by settling out of court.  As the firm’s principal negotiator, his imprimatur is found in the sizable settlements ending litigations involving asbestos, but also pharmaceuticals (such as DES, Vioxx, Baycol, Zyprexa, Rezulin, Seroquel and others), medical devices (silicone breast-implants, chiefly), and environmental pollution (his part in securing a $425-million settlement in a case where gasoline additive was alleged responsible for contaminating groundwater supplies earned him nomination as “Trial Lawyer of the Year” by the Public Justice Foundation).  Mr. Weitz over the span of his career has been involved in settlements of more than 5 Billion Dollars on behalf of Weitz & Luxenberg clients.

His formidable negotiating skills also prove invaluable in the realm of asbestos bankruptcy trusts where he serves on numerous trust advisory committees tasked with ensuring plaintiffs receive compensation even from long-shuttered defendant companies (Mr. Weitz helped fashion agreements to create such trusts for defendants including W.R. Grace, Kaiser Aluminum, Owens Corning, and U.S. Gypsum, among many others).  Additionally, Mr. Weitz is a pioneer of pre-packaged asbestos bankruptcies, an innovative means of seeing that plaintiffs obtain more of the compensation to which they are entitled – and to receive it far sooner than might otherwise be the case were defendants to seek the protections of a conventional Chapter 11 bankruptcy (pre-packs also are designed to relieve court congestion by arranging for many of the most costly, complex and time-consuming procedural steps of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to occur before the defendants formally file), resulting in over 30 Billion Dollars in settlements for asbestos clients.

Mr. Weitz serves on the boards of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, Legal Aid Society, and Jewish Lawyer Guild.  He chairs the Tort and General Negligence sections of the New York County Lawyers Association, and is a member of the Mass Tort Committee of the American Association for Justice.  For Hofstra University – his law school alma mater – Mr. Weitz acts as dean’s counsel.  The list of symposia and seminars at which Mr. Weitz has spoken is lengthy.  A steady fixture of the New York “Best Lawyer” and “Super Lawyer” listings, Mr. Weitz won the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice “Champion of Justice” award in 2011, was the 2012 New York City “Lawyer of the Year” in the category of the plaintiff mass-torts litigation and class action lawsuits and in 2014 was spotlighted by as “Titan of the Plaintiff’s Bar.”  On the personal side, Mr. Weitz knows no greater source of joy than to help those in need; accordingly, he occupies a seat on the board of trustees of North Shore University Hospital, and is a member of the men’s division executive committees for both the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Children’s Medical Fund (the latter affiliated with Schneider Children’s Hospital).