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I am proud to say that I am a Trial Lawyer.  Despite the many negative connotations ascribed to my vocation these days, I wear the title of Trial Lawyer like a badge of honor.  I do this because I have chosen to utilize my more than twenty years of trial experience and expertise to protect and promote the interests of individual citizens.  I don't, and never will, represent insurance companies, corporations, government entities, law enforcement, etc.  Instead, I provide aggressive representation to individuals that have been injured; individuals that have been accused of committing a crime; and individuals that find themselves in Family Court (divorce, separation, etc.).

     While I am proud of my many years of experience and record of accomplishment, I am most proud of the personal service my firm provides our clients.  I meet personally with every potential client during a free initial consultation.  Once retained by a client, I make sure the lines of communication remain open – in other words, we return phone calls!  There will never be a time when you don't know “what's going on with your case.”  My staff and I strive to keep my clients informed and to answer all their questions in a straightforward, non-condescending way.

      Thank you for visiting our website.  While you're here, please check out my biography and read about all our practice areas.  If you need legal representation, I encourage you to call and set up an appointment with me for a free consultation.