Terry Lumsden

Terry E. Lumsden, Attorney at Law
3517 6th Ave Ste 200
Tacoma, WA 98406-5421
(253) 537-4424

Terry Lumsden was born April 23, 1946, and lived most of his life in Tacoma, Washington, except for 4 years attending night law school in Spokane, Washington while he worked full time during the day. He served in the Washington State National Guard and was honorably discharged in 1973.

Terry has been married to Kathy Lumsden since 1982 and live in Kitsap County. He has 3 children: Sean with his wife Lynne have blessed Terry with 2 grandsons, Zachary and Alex. They live in Spokane, Washington.

Their daughter Jennifer was born in 1986, and is attending Washington State University. Their son Thomas was born May 1990, and is a middle school student.

Terry and Kathy are active in their community and are members of a local church having served as Elders, Deacons, and have been active on church committees and Sunday School for 25 years.

Terry and Kathy like to travel locally and to Scotland.

Terry is proud of his Scotish heritage and collects Scotch Whisky cases. He doesn't empty them, he merely collects them. You can see Terry in his kilt offering a toast, "Unexpected money and prosperity before you."

Terry and Kathy take ski and summer vacations with their family in Montana and enjoy vacationing at the Pacific Ocean. They enjoy reading, gardening, dining, attending sporting activities, especially college football, and are very active in both extended families of Terry's mother and 3 brothers and Kathy's parents, siblings and grandparents.

As you can tell, family is very important to both Terry and Kathy. It's because of his love of family and his concern for others that make him such a good personal injury attorney . . . that and of course his knowledge of the law . . . and the love of a good Scotish scrap or stooshie.