Tom Nowak

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Tom Nowak has been practicing criminal law in the Dallas area since 2005. In that time, he has earned the respect of all those associated with the Criminal Justice system. He has participated in over 100 felony trials and handled thousands of cases throughout his career as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He has practiced law in multiple counties and before countless judges bringing successful resolutions for his clients.

Attorney Tom Nowak began his career with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office after graduating from law school. Quickly rising through the ranks, handling misdemeanor cases such as DWIs and possession of marijuana cases, Mr. Nowak was promoted to a felony position in less than one year. As a felony prosecutor Mr. Nowak gained a reputation as being fair, reasonable, and at the same time was known to be at ease in the courtroom. Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Nowak handled all types of felony cases from drug possession to murder. Because of his abilities, Tom Nowak was asked to join teams prosecuting high level drug cases and serious child abuse cases. At the end of his time with the District Attorney's Office, Tom Nowak was known as one of the best prosecutors in Dallas County having tried virtually all types of cases.

Tom Nowak was born in a place where personal liberties were nonexistent and the government could charge anyone they wanted to. He moved to the United States with his family at a young age to obtain the liberties that our country was founded upon. He understands how important each of your rights is. Taking the oath to become a citizen of this great country gives Attorney Tom Nowak a perspective unmatched by many attorneys and a dedication to see that your rights are protected.

Tom Nowak attended Texas A&M University and Baylor Law School and has lived in the Dallas area since moving to Texas. He is a proud member of many organizations and spends his free time with his daughter and wife.