Pennsylvania Superior Court Upholds $55 Million Seat Belt Defect

Plaintiff attorney Stewart Eisenberg of Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has affirmed a record-setting $55 million jury verdict against Honda Motor Company from a product liability lawsuit involving a seat belt defect. The plaintiff in the case, Carlos Martinez, is represented by Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck attorneys Stewart Eisenberg … Continue reading

Passenger Dragged Screaming Off Flight Settles with United Airlines

Plaintiff attorney Thomas A Demetrio, Thomas A. Demetrio of Corboy & Demetrio in Chicago

Dr. David Dao has reached an amicable settlement with United Airlines for the injuries he received in his April 9th ordeal, which was captured on video and viewed worldwide. The settlement was negotiated by Dr. Dao’s lawyers, Thomas A. Demetrio … Continue reading

Infographic: The History of Medical Malpractice

The history of medical malpractice is a lengthy one, spanning from ancient times with the Hippocratic Oath to the numerous reforms in the 20th Century and continuing to today. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the … Continue reading

Infant Recovers $33.8 million in Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Plaintiff attorney Vidian Mallard of Mallard & Sharp

Medical malpractice attorneys of Mallard & Sharp, P.A. recently celebrated a bittersweet victory, recovering a $33.8 million verdict for a brain damaged baby. The court held that the catastrophic brain injury was caused by Dr. Ata Atogho’s failure to order … Continue reading

Myth or Fact: What You Should Know About DUIs

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By NTL member Barbara Bowden Myth: You can’t be charged with a DUI if your BAC is

Free On Demand Webinar: Proven Personal Marketing Strategies to Bring In New Business

 Listen to the on-demand webinar, “How to Get New Business From Your In-Person and Social Media Marketing” One of the most effective ways to bring new business is through personal marketing efforts. Ask yourself – how effective are my networking … Continue reading

Former bank robber is now a law professor at Georgetown

Shon Hopwood spent 11 years in federal prison for robbing small-town banks in Nebraska. But in one of the most fascinating stories of a reformed life, Hopwood is now a law professor at Georgetown, and working on achieving other goals … Continue reading

Maryland Jury Awards $17 Million to Pilots Killed in Midair Plane Crash

A jury in Maryland awarded a total of $17 million to the families of helicopter pilots killed in a midair collision in Frederick, MD, in 2014. Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, the contractor that runs the tower at Frederick Municipal … Continue reading

NY prosecutor married to defense attorney talks about justice

What would life be like if you were a New York City prosecutor and your wife was a defense attorney for juveniles? Jesse Weinstein doesn’t have to wonder. Weinstein says he often gets in debates with his wife about the … Continue reading

Colorado Woman, Paralyzed by Medical Malpractice, Recovers $14.9 Million

Bruce Braley of Leventhal & Puga PC in Denver, CO.

A Colorado jury awarded a 57-year old woman and her husband $14.9 million in a case whereas she was paralyzed by an epidural steroid injection that was clearly labeled as not for that use. The jury found The Surgery Center in … Continue reading