Paint Makers Seek to Quash Lead Hazard Ruling

News Inferno; September 23, 2013 Paint makers are fighting against a court ruling mandating them to spend up to $2.5 billion to remove lead paint from hundreds of thousands of homes in the state of California. Paint makers have long … Continue reading

The Press Release Crime of a Biotech CEO and its Impact on Scientific Research

Washington Post; September 23, 2013 Is it a crime for a medical researcher to hype his results? To put a heavy spin on the findings when there are millions of dollars, and possibly lives, at stake? Just ask W. Scott … Continue reading

GoGo Sued for ‘Recurring Charges’ in Lawsuit Aiming for Class Action

ABC News; September 23, 2013 A California man is suing Gogo LLC in the hope of leading a class-action lawsuit against the company for allegedly misleading consumers about recurring charges for its in-flight Internet service. Kerry Welsh of Rancho Palos … Continue reading

Big Trial Coming for Diabetes Drug Byetta; September 23, 2013 Los Angeles, CA: More than seven million prescriptions have been written in the US for a diabetes drug called Byetta, and this coming November, all eyes will focus on a California court case that alleges that … Continue reading

Swindled Seniors: Former California Judge to Be Sentenced, Florida Lawsuit Continues; September 23, 2013 Fort Myers, FL: An elderly woman who earned just $1,800 in monthly income between her Social Security check and her pension was somehow persuaded to take out a life insurance policy worth $7.5 million. According to … Continue reading

High School Football Player Dies Following Field Collision

News Inferno; September 19, 2013 A 16-year-old high school football player has died following a helmet-to-helmet football injury last week. The boy, Damon Janes, was a junior at Westfield/Brocton High School in New York. Damon was playing in a varsity … Continue reading

Louisiana Towns Increase Water Testing Following Boy’s Death from Fatal Brain Infection

News Inferno; September 19, 2013 Some towns in Louisiana have increased water supply testing following the death of a four-year-old boy over a brain-eating amoeba that may be tied to the water there. Authorities believe the boy contracted the infection … Continue reading

Plaintiffs Seek Billions in Punitive Damages over Texas Refinery Malfunction

News Inferno; September 9, 2013 BP is facing the first of nearly 48,000 lawsuits alleging toxic exposure from people in the area of a Texas refinery who have promised to give the billions of dollars in punitive damages they seek … Continue reading

Massive NFL Brain Injury Lawsuit in Play, Families Continue to Sue; September 10, 2013 Germantown, MD: As the National Football League (NFL) sorts through a potential multimillion-dollar settlement with players and their families over brain injury, the family of a Frostburg State University football player who died after a grueling … Continue reading

George Zimmerman’s Wife Won’t Press Charges Despite Threat Accusation

Chicago Tribune; September 10, 2013 Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of George Zimmerman, declined to press charges Monday afternoon despite calling 911 and accusing her husband of using a gun to threaten her family. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder two months … Continue reading